The Black chicken

Here are not talking about a black-feathered chicken. Were are talking about a black chicken with the following characteristics:
  • Feathers are black
  • The skin is black
  • Bones are black
  • Chicken lays black eggs
  • Chicken meat is black
  • beak is black
  • comb is black
  • tongue is black
  • toes is black
The black awards goes to Ayam cemani which is a full black chicken both inside and outside.

Do black chickens lay eggs?

Yes black chickens do lay eggs, but they dont lay as many eggs as well know layers.

What are other black chickens

Here is a list of chickens that are called black chickens.
  • Kadaknath
  • Sumatra,
  • Silkie
  • Jersey Giant

Why is the Ayam cemani black?

The chicken is black-hyperpigmented

Does Ayam cemani and other black chickens taste different?

These black chickens tastes like other chickens, but their meat is very healthy.

Is it safe to eat Ayam cemani black and other black chickens?

Yes it is very safe to eat black chickens. Because of the colour of the meat most people dont like eating the black chickens.

What does a black chicken symbolize?

In Southern Africa there is belieave that a black chicken absorbs black spirit and badlucks. Keeping a black chicken on your backyard will absorb all the bad energies comming to your home.

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