How to start a profitable chicken farming business

Before you start a chicken farming business, you must choose the area to speacial, hatchery? layer farm? broiler farm? You can generate an income if your chicken farming business is done right. There are business opportunities,chicken meat is highly in demand and the eggs as well. You can start a broiler farming or layer farming or hatchery farming. Starting this business is easier than you think. You must raise your chickens in a healthy environment, your chickens must be happy all the time. Setup the chicken environment will be the challenge as some of the farmers dont know what conditions are good for the chickens. Chickens need a certain light level, Chickens need a certian sound level, temperature, humidity etc... Now a farmer will have to do a research.

Feed prices
Most of the farm expenditure is on poultry feed, Chicken farmers must look for a way of minimising the feed costs. buying in bulks,

How much money can i make for selling chicken eggs per year
This is where you need to do your calculations, A layer eat 110grams per day, how much will it eat permonth? and how much will be the feed? How much will be an egg. From that you can calculate the chicken farm profit per year. There are other cost of running the farm like electricity,water, labour but the chicken feed is the maily cost.

Poultry business profit margin
This is sometimes called the return on sales ratio or gross profit ratio. You will meet your profit margin when the sales are exceded the costs of running your farm, that is when you start to make a profict. A chicken business might take a long or a short time to yield returns. Most of the small famers from my facebook group (MZANSI FARMING), they buy chicks/chickens and re-sell them, they make profit in few weeks.Small scale farming will make a return in a short space of time. You can start with R10 000 and get back your 200% in return on the following week, depending on how you run your business, A farmer from my farming group buys chickens from a farmer and sell them in tax rank. Its all depends on how your structure and run your business. Big scale chicken farming will take long to make money, You need to start building chickens houses, setup your farm, to make profit will take time.

how much does it cost to start a chicken farm?
It all depends on how big or small is your farm. How many chickens do you plan to farm? Do you have a land? how expensive are your chicken feed on your area? Do you have all the resources your need? what are the assets that you need? How much will be your first stock? Costs varies per individual needs.

how much does a chicken farm cost
Farms are expensive in South Africa, a chickens farm will cost you R1 000 000 plus. Costs varies per farm.

What are the steps and prodecures for starting a commercial chicken farm?
Wheather you planning free range or pastured chickens or battrey caged chickens, you must follow the following steps
  • Go for a chicken farming training or buy a good chicken farming book . A good farming book will tell you all the ins and outs of the chicken farming business, it must tell you all the tools and the equipments you need for your business. To name few things that should be on the chicken farming book.
    • Tools for your farm - your chicken farming book must list all the tools that you will need to start farming
    • Layers - These are chickens that lay a larger number of eggs, Your book must give you a list of layers and more info on those layers, how much eggs they lay per year? Eating habits? Egg sizes? Egg Colours? Some layers will lay more eggs than others.
    • Broliers - These are chicken that are raised for meat or slaughtering - Your book should tell you everything about broilers,some breeds will take longer to reach market weight
    • Feed types, feeding tips..etc
    • Farming types, your book should not be just for free range or caged chickens or backyard chickens, a good book should cover all the farming types, and let the reader dicide what is good for him/her
    • Taking care of chickens, the temperate, humidity, feeds..etc
  • Now that you are done with a reasearch, the next step is a business plan - A business plan will tell you if you can afford your dream business or not. You will also need to know the risks, the market, the returns, the laws. At this stage you can make a decision whether you continue with your chicken farming dream or you just giveup. Wait dont giveup. if the problem if with finance you can try and get the loan, in my country goverment does help farmers for free.

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