This to know before starting your Poultry farming business

You need water, electricity, vaccines, supplements, anti-biotics, Disinfectants and feeds.

Chickens needs these to survive:
  1. Water

    Chicken's can not live without water. Chickens need clean water. You will need to test your water and check your PH , bacterias and minerals on your water. Why water is necessary for your chickens? :
    1. Chickens need water to stay healthy
    2. Layers need water to lay more eggs
    3. Broilers need more water to grow quickly
    4. Not having enough water for your chickens will create more problems, like diseases, poor growth, poor egg laying etc
  2. Electricity

    You need electricity as source of power to run your chicken farm. Farms needs a continuous supply of electric power.

    Electric farm appliances like incubators, fans, heaters, lights are dependent on the electricity. Layers needs more light to lay more eggs. Solar power and Wind power can save you a lot of electricity bill in a long run.

  3. Chicken Supplements vitamins

    A normal commercial feed has enough vitamins, proteins and minerals that are need by your chickens.
    Supplements are good for chickens. When do you need to give your chickens supplements?
    1. Chickens that are not getting a right diet
    2. When chickens are stressed give them Electrolytes supplements
    3. For optimum poultry feed conversion
    4. Calcium supplements , will improve the quality of your eggs
  4. Chicken feeds

    Chickens can not live without feed. Layers , broilers and chicks they all eat different feeds. The different between layer feed and broiler feed is that layers eat layer feed broilers eat broiler feed. Chicken feed goes with a chicken stage as well. The commercial chicken feed types are:
    • pre-stater
    • stater
    • grower
    • finisher
    • post-finisher
    • layer mesh
    • the grit
    Feed formulation
    Chicken feed prices in South Africa are high,You need to know how to save costs on feeds. A Feed formulation is a custom different feeda are mixed to single mixture, a farmer will use his formular of mixing the feed. this is to save costs. To ge the best results you must follow the recommended feeding ratio. Do not mix feed if you dont know your chickens requirements. some of the feed that can be used
    1. Maize
    2. Cotton Seed
    3. Fishmeal
    4. Brewers' dried grains
    The formation of poultry feeds can be :
    1. mesh
    2. crumbles or pellets
  5. Chicken vaccines

    the vaccine is used to protect your backyard, small scale and commercial farming chickens against certain diseases.
  6. Antibiotic

    Antibiotics are used to cure chicken diseases or to promote chicken growth. Organic farmers are using Natural antibiotics like oregano, for non-organic chickens farmers there many antibiotics that you can give your chickens:
    1. Tylan which is used to cure respiratory issues
    2. penicillin which is used to treat respiratory issues
    3. Chlortetracycline is used to treat respiratory infection and other infections

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