How to post at pep?

A PAXI point is a store where you collect and drop your paxi parcels. There are many paxi points in south africa, most malls in SA will have pep with Paxi numbers where you can post and collect your parcels.

Find a paxi point near you? Paxi number for pep near me, you will need a paxi number to post a paxi parcel on this website we will asist you on getting a paxi number.

How do i get a paxi number?

Three ways to get a paxi number for your nearest store. Call your store to findout the paxi number or visit the store they should be a paxi number displayed somewhere on the store or Get the paxi number from website , We will also assist you on getting a paxi number.

Ukuthenga umuthi wesizulu

Uma ufuna ukuthenga imithi yokubuyisa ubaba wengane, imithi yokuthandwa kakhulu ubaba wengane, imithi yemali, ukubuyisa isikweletu sakho. Sithinte sikwenzele umuthi wesintu.

List of paxi points

Find paxi points numbers. Here we list all paxi numbers for all stores that you can post to. PEP store codes List for posting pexi parcels. Search your nearest pep below. You will get a pep paxi number.

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