Sassa Voucher Grant

Sassa has announced that they are bring back the parcel grant from July 2021 to March 2022. This was announced as there were many people that were affected by covid and looting that has been happening around the country. Application for RSD R350 is now opend, you can apply via whatsapp, facebook, usd and via SASSA website.


Sineziwasho eziningi zothando, ukuthandeka, ukuthola umsebenzi, ukuba nogazi kubantu, ukukhipha isichitho, ukususa amabhadi amashwa kanye nesinyama, ukuxosha imimoya emibi. Ukuze ufunde iziwasho zethu thinta noma isiphi isiwasho esibhalwe ngezansi, zizovuleka nezinye.

Chicken Farming Business Section

Demand for chicken in South Africa

The demand for chicken meat and eggs is growing daily. Here in South Africa we dont have enough chicken farmers, as a result the chicken meat is being imported from other countries. The chicken farming industry is full of challenges, on the next page we look at few chicken farming challenges.

Starting a chicken farming business

You do not have to be rich to start a chicken farming business. I always advice my clients to start small and grow with the business. The returns on chicken farming can be quick depending on how you structured your business.

What is a chicken farming? Before we define what a chicken farming is, let us look at what a chicken is.

What is a chicken?

south african chicken zulu xhosa chicken

A chicken (Gallus domesticus) is a domestic bird that cannot fly (edit: some can fly a short distance), chickens have different breeds, some chickens are good for meat those are called broilers, chickens that are good for eggs are called layers. We will look at the difference between broilers and layers later on.

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Piggery Farming Business Section

What is piggery farming or pig farming?

Piggery farming is when people breed and raise pigs for selling and consumption. Pigs are very clean animals. They like prefer clean environment. They dont pop where they eat and sleep. Piggs differs per breeds, there have unique characteristics, some of those:

Feed conversion efficiency

If a pig breed eats less but gain too much muscle, that breed is feed efficiency. Pigs that converts feed into fats are called Lard Pigs. Pigs that converts feed into meat are called Bacon pigs or Meat Pigs.

Is pig farming profitable in South Africa?

Raising pigs is a profitable business for both small scale piggery farmers and commercial piggery farmers. The demand for pork is growing everyday. You can be millionare out of piggery farming, read the story of a Anna Phosa ,a South African piggery farmer who became a millionare.

Piggery farming tools and equipments

Below is a list of Piggery farming tools and equipments that are needed for piggery farm:
  • Heat lamps and bulbs for warming your swine on cold days
  • Semen catheter this is a tube for inserting the semen into a gilt/sow.
  • Boar semen collection equipment is a dummy pig where a boar climbs and releases the semen
  • Bedding is a material that you will put on swine farm floor. This could be a straw, mulch hay or cornstalks.
  • Hog Scraper this is for skinning the pig
  • For more piggery farming equipments please buy my piggery farming guide

Piggery dry feeding vs wet feeding

Wet feeding is when farmers mix food with water. Dry feeding is when pigs are given feed that is not mixed with water. When practicing a dry feeding you must make sure you also provide them with water. Many famers will dry feed a pig, when it is ready to be sold they will start to wet feed it, they believe that the pig will gain a big stomach when given wet feed. The advantage of a wet feeding system is that digestibility is improved.

Cattle Farming

Boran cattle

Boran cattle farming tutorials are comming soon

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Imixovo or iziwasho

Lapha sikhuluma ngokuzihlanza, uzikiline, ubuyise umuntu obuthandana naye, ukhiphe amabhadi. Iziwasho ezikuleli page zizokusiza kakhulu, ukukhipha amabhadi, isichitho, ukususa amashwa, isinyama. Uzothola umsebenzi uqale ukulungelwa izinto emva kokuzama leziwasho.

Ukwelapha ngamakhandlela

Amakhandlela asetshenziselwa izinto eziningi empilweni. uyawasebenzissela ukuthola umsebenzi, ukuxosha amaphupho amabi, ukubiza imali, ukuxosha amabhadi. Amakhandlela ayenziwa uma ufuna ukuletha inhlanhla, amakhandlela ayalenza ibusiness lakho likhule lindlondlobale. Amakhandlela ayasibuyisa isithandwa sakho.

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