Normal dreamers

Dreaming of being on periods might means that you are worried about your periods, Sangoma's in south africa have been reported that they always dream of periods a day before menstrual cycle begins.

Menstruation or period cycle spiritual meaning

This dream can me a prophecy. Dreaming of the menstrual cycle means that something bad thing that is about to happen, it could be an accident, or anything that is not good. Woman that are pregnant can also have this dream.

African believe

In southern africa, dreaming of being on periods signals that you have a curse it means someone is witching you.

Dreaming about being on periods

Being on periods means not clean according to most periods, Biblical chapter, Leviticus says that a woman on periods can not be undressed and that is not clean, a man that undress a woman on periods must be cleansed. so that means dreaming of periods can mean you need to be cleansed. Read more dreams below

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Ukukhipha isinyama, amabhadi, ususe izinkinga, kukhanye izinto, ususe isichitho usebenzisa holly ash.

Umuthi wemali. Uyafuna ukuthandwa yimali? Ubenenhlanhla yemali? Umsebenzi? Umuthi wenhlanhla yemali.

Isiwasho sokubamnandi uma ungumuntu wesi-fazane, umuthi wokukhulelwa. Umuthi wokukilina issinye.