The dream of murdering someone who could be a stranger or someone that you know with knife or sword or a gun or beating or drowning symbolizes that you have too much anger, if you can not control your emotions you will end up putting troubles into your life. You have an anger inside that you need to vent out, you take yoga classes, attend an anger management classes, learn to get along with other people. When killing someone in self defense and hide the body it symbolizes that you are overacting sometimes, hiding the body of the victim shows that you do not want people to know really who you are, you are using a shield to hide on who you are. The dream has the same meaning for africans, christians and muslims. Should you have anxiety and depression there are supplements online like Ashwagandha, Moringa, Maca , ginkgo biloba etc

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Mtshali 2021-11-06 08:13:30
Amen ekhaya ingabe kuchazani ukuphupha uthola izikhiye

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