Most import dreams explained. Dreams meanings , interpretations and answers.

There are many kinds of dreams, some dreams are good , some dreams are bad. Some dreams are caused by our mind thinking a lot about an issue or an object. Some dreams are caused by bad energies/muthi/voodoo/spirits..etc. When you sleep in places like resorts, hotels, bnb, lodge you are almost likely to dream as people visits those places and leave spirits and energies behind. Some die on those places. Below we will explain few common dreams. Most people often ask this question, if you dream of a person that that means the person is also dreaming about you? The answer is no, two people cant have the same dream, it could happen yes, but it would be a co-incident. The one way it could happen is for instance let us say two people are planning for a wedding, since they will think about the wedding the whole day, they is a chance that both will dream about it, but the actual dreams will be different.

Dream of a train explained. What does it mean to dream of a train moving on its track? You could dream yourself inside the train or outside of the train. First you must check on how does this dream makes you feel 1. If you dream of a train leaving you behind, it could mean you will miss an opportunity on your life. 2. A train might also mean a casket 3. If you have not been at home for a long time, this dream means that you need to go home 4. If you are in a country with traditional healers, a train might mean you must follow the path of being a healer or it might means you must follow your roots. 5. Dream of a train going off the track, it means things will no go as expected , or it is a warning from your ancestors that what ever you are doing it is not what is expected from you.

What is the meaning of dreaming naked? Dreaming with no clothes on, this show how you normal react when you are exposed, when your secretes and getting known, if you are naked and not afraid on your dream, it shows that you are a strong person who is not ashamed of being exposed. Dreaming nude also happens when you worry too much about being embarrased, if you are that kind of a person who is always hide something.

Dream of guns, what it means? You could dream of yourself shooting a gun or getting shot at. 1. If you are the one who is shooting people, it means there is something that has annoyed you on your life. You need to find a way of ranting out your anger. 2. Dreaming of being shot at is not a good thing to dream about. A gun is a dangerous thing, if you get a dream of being pointed by a gun it means something of a danger is facing you, you might need to consult your traditional healer or prophecy. 3. Dreaming of being shot at, might means there is a bad spirits that is looking at you or someone is casting a bad spell towards you. 4. When a person try's to shoot at you and misses, it shows how strong you are at your spiritual level. Other dreams that are related to a gun. 1. Dreaming of being shot but no blood comes out 2. Dreaming of being shot at the back 3. Dreaming of being shot but bullets will not penetrate 4. Dreaming of being shot by Cops and solders or just strangers 5. Dreaming of a gun that does not shoots or shoots water.

Dreaming of school. You might dream as a student wearing uniform in high school, primary school, college or university. Dreaming of school in southern africa might means that you need to be a traditional healer. The dream also means that you must study hard to be successfully in life. Dreaming of wearing school uniform in southern african might means that you have a sangoma spirit, umthandazi spirit. You have a spirit of healing, teaching other people. Dreaming of being at school receiving a school report or school results this might be a symbol of how ancestors rates you, if you dream passed it means your ancestors are happy and proud about you. Those results might also mean how your life is doing. Dreaming of school days might also means that you have backward spirit, which means your life is going backwards or can be explained as your life is not progressing. Some dreams that are associated with school Dreaming of your favorite school teacher Dreaming of writing a test or exam Dreaming of your class mates

Dreaming of wearing a watch. This dream might mean that there is a culture ritual that you need to do, you need to visit isangoma and find out what rituals that are pending. This dream might also means that you are running out of time. You need to keep your self on speed to achieve success. This could also means that you need more time management skills.

Dreaming of being stubbed by a knife. This is a bad dream, both Guns and knifes are weapons, you need to read the section of dreaming of a gun. A knife might also means there are things in life that you need to get rid of. This could be a toxic relationship, marriage, a relationship or getting ride of bad friends. Some people will dream Sharpening the knife means that they are challenges that are comming that you need to be ready for them. Carrying a knife means that there are situations that are comming on your way which need protection. Cutting your self with a knife, this means a ancident comming ahead in which it would be your fault, try and be carefull of what you are doing. Being chased by a person/stranger/mad person who is holding a knife

Crying on your dream, what does it mean? Dreaming of crying might means that there is a bad spirit around you that you are fighting, the bad spirit could be a ghost, or [please list all bad spirits in swahili]. Crying on the dream might also be a sign of venting out your anger. You need to look at your life and see how happy are you? There are cases where people dream of crying because of success, e.g. Dreaming of getting awards and cry, dreaming of doing speech and cry.

[Please use formal words for sex, no vulgar words] Explanation of sex dreaming Normal dreaming of sex happens when you misses sex. This dream can also be interpreted of sleeping with an evil spirit, This normal happens to woman then they would wakeup wet. This is a bad dream as it causes to unattractive. Dreaming of sex might also means that they is a something good that is going happen on your life. Some people have reporting these sexual dreams 1. Dream of sleeping with your relative, your partner, your mom, your father , your siblings. 2. Sometimes you dream of a very attractive stranger The first wet dreams for boys: Normal when a boy turn to be 12 years he would dream of having sex

Dreaming of flying. You could dream flying happily or dream flying while you are running away from a danger. Dream flying means you have special powers in your life that you need to use. This could also means that you have a special gift. People that can fly are during bible times where angels which has super powers. Dreaming of flying while being chased, it means that you are running away from issues on your life, instead of facing the actual issues, you are avoid them. Some of these dreams includes 1. Running away from people that want to kill you, beat you or angry people 2. Running away from animals that are chasing you. 3. Running away from a danger

I dream of walking what does it means? Some people will dream of walking far from home, some get lost on dreams trying to find home. This could also happen when you dream driving or walking but your cant reach your destination, these dreams might means anxiety , stress and a sign of confusion in life. This dream might also means that you are trying to find stability. This dream can also happen if you have a fear of being lost, You me be lost in city, in a mall, in a forest, foreign country and in a village. Most of the time people dream walking home but they cant find home, sometimes they walk and not reach destination. This dream might also represent your current situation toward success.

Dreaming of sea or water or river or a dam. This might be a sign that you need a spiritual cleansing, water has a power of cleansing and healing, the issues that you are facing can be fixed by going to the sea. There are tribes that goes to the sea to ask for gifts, some goes to the sea for cleansing, this dream might mean that you need to be closer to the sea. Dreaming of walking on water, symbolize how power spiritual power you have in your life.

Praying on dreams This symbolizes that you have power in praying, sometimes it happens that you dream falling into trouble then when you pray the troubles go away, this shows that you have a gift in praying. This might shows the power that you have in your life. This dream might also means that you are helpless, you need a prayer in your life to sort things.

Dreams that are about race Some people dream of themselves as another race. Some dream of black people, indians, white, chinese, african and japaneses. This dream can have different meanings in some african tribes dreaming of another race is associated with characters of that race, if it a race that is known for being wealth it shows that you will be rich in future. You must look at what the race is famous for. A race that is know for religion and spirituality might also mean that you need to go back to your roots and fight your believes.

Dreaming of a drunk person or dreaming of your self drunk or on drugs. This dreams means that your life is not going to be easy, there are more troubles coming on your way. More stressful situations are coming on your way. This dream could also means that you are loosing a traction or focus or you are out of control.

Dreams related to cars. Dreaming of buying a car or driving a car or owning a car if you do not have a car. A car in a dream represents you. Dreaming of a moving car means that your life is going forward Dreaming of driving a car means that you are still in control on your life. Dreaming of being a passenger in car that is driving at high speed in southern africa it means that your ancestors are angry at you or it could means that other people are angry at you. A car at higher speed symbolize bad thing. A car moving in reverse means that you life is not progressing in a good direction. A car going slow means that you life is not moving at a pace that it should be moving. Sometimes cars have colours on your dream, a white car, black car etc. Car types also appears on dreams - a bus, truck, small car, van...etc

Dreaming of a dead person that you know or a funeral of a person who passed away already, This person could be your father, mother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, friend or siblings. Dreaming of dead person who is mad/angry at your shows that you have done mistakes in your life that you need to fix. In southern african culture it could also means that you need to go to a traditional healer to find out what that person wants. Dreaming of a dead person who is happy it shows that your life going very good.

Dreaming of cuddling your x? What does it mean to dream of someone you brokeup with? What does it mean when you dream about cuddling with someone or an x or a stranger or girlfriend or boyfriend. The dreams means that you need an emotional or physical contact, these dreams happens when you are lonely or angry or when you are single looking for a relationship, these dreams could also happen when you are in an unhappy relationship. There are other dreams related to cuddling are dreaming of kissing, hugging or affection , all these dreams are telling our minds that these are things missing on our life's. Dreaming of kissing or having sex with your x it means that you still love your previous partner and you want him/her back.

Dreams that involves kids and babies Dreaming of being pregnant, or dreaming of giving birth. dreaming of miscarriage means loosing something that you love. Dreaming of a young baby means there is a lucky coming on your way. Dreaming of a sick young baby it shows that your lucky is about to runout or it means that you need to be carefully. Dreaming of giving birth to twins it means your have a lucky ahead. A baby on your dream can be a male or female, both genders means almost the same thing. A happy baby is good sign of things going well, a crying baby is a bad sign , it means your life will face bad situations.

I dream of myself loosing tooth what does it mean? Loosing teeth on your dreams means loosing something that you like, it could be a small thing or a bing thing. You could dream of yourself loosing front teeth's and back teeth. Be ready to have something taken out of your life. Dreaming of loosing teeth might also means something painfully will happen on your life, dreaming of loosing teeth does not really means someone will die. When you dream about all your teeth falling down, it just means your life will become unstable, you might loose money, job, house marriage, important things on your life. Dreaming of not having teeths might mean you will face a situation when you are helpless and unable to protect or defend your self or unable to function properly.

Dreams of eating sweets, honey, sugar cane or ice cream or candy or anything sweet. What is a symbol of sugar cane , honey, sweet, candy on a dream? What does it mean to dream eating something sweet? Dreaming of eating sugarcane or honey means something sweet and nice is manifesting, you must expect something position out of your life, like a new job, a new relationship, a new car. Something good and nice is about to happen to your life. This dream might also mean a nice life is coming ahead.

I dream of singing what does it means? Dreaming of singing a song you do not know, show that you have skills of composing new songs. Dream of singing means that they is a joy and happy life a head, it might also means that they are no troubles that are hunting you. Singing a gospel or christian song means that you are happy spiritual. Singing a song in front of a crowd it shows how confident you are with your life. You could also dream singing in an event or at church. You could also dream singing anywhere even at your house.

The dream of murdering someone who could be a stranger or someone that you know with knife or sword or a gun or beating or drowning symbolizes that you have too much anger, if you can not control your emotions you will end up putting troubles into your life. You have an anger inside that you need to vent out, you take yoga classes, attend an anger management classes, learn to get along with other people. When killing someone in self defense and hide the body it symbolizes that you are overacting sometimes, hiding the body of the victim shows that you do not want people to know really who you are, you are using a shield to hide on who you are. The dream has the same meaning for africans, christians and muslims.

Is it good to dream about snakes? What is the meaning of dreaming a snake? Is it good or bad to dream about snakes? it is all depends on the dream context. Some common dreams about snakes 1. Dreaming of a snake chasing or attacking you - it means there is something toxic that is following you, maybe something from your past will come out or you might fall back to your toxic behaviour. 2. Dreaming of a snake bitting you - snakes are full of poison , being bitten by a snake might means that you have wrong friends, that are trying to convince to do something wrong. A snake can also mean good things, some people do dream about snakes after a long sickness ,especial spiritual sickness, a snake after a long sickness means you are now healed. Killing a snake in a dream means that all your future problems are gone. it can also be a sign that your relationship problems are gone , you can now expect a marriage. Dreaming about a snake in your home or house might means that there are family members that do not like you.

I lost my boyfriend, how do i use muthi (African herbs that are mixed and used as a spell) to bring him back? On this article we will teach you how to bring back your lost lover using holly ash as isikhafulo (spell that is casted over the air). Before performing this spell you need to remove isichitho (curse that makes a person being un-attractive and less likable) This will work for both male and female people. Even if you are separated this spell will still work. This is the fastest way of returning your former lover using a spell. The ingredient's for the spell to return your lost lover are as follows:

Method: Write the name of your ex on the peace of paper. Put it on your bottle, add water and your ash. Shake it and speak on the mouth of the bottle. You will say something like "David Jones, comeback to me, i love you , i need you, David Jones come back to me, it is me Judith Tinkler" Make sure you repeats this many times even 10 times it is still ok. Pour a little bit of your mixture of your cap, put it on your mouth and spit, when spitting stand upright, the spit must go up, After 7 days, your paper will start to disappear because you are shacking your mixture every time you use it. You need to perform the ritual 4 times a day and at midnight 12pm as well.

Unezinkinga empilweni? awuthandeki? izinto zakho azihambi kahle? Ukukhipha isichitho usebenzisa holy ash

Ukukhipha isinyama, amabhadi, ususe izinkinga, kukhanye izinto, ususe isichitho usebenzisa holly ash.

Umuthi wemali. Uyafuna ukuthandwa yimali? Ubenenhlanhla yemali? Umsebenzi? Umuthi wenhlanhla yemali.

Isiwasho sokubamnandi uma ungumuntu wesi-fazane, umuthi wokukhulelwa. Umuthi wokukilina issinye.