There are multiple meaning of crying on your dreams, below we will address all the meanings of this dream, crying on your dreams be good or bad.

The African interpretation of this dream

Crying on while you are sleeping can be caused by witchcraft, the vood, muthi, tikoloshe,ghost, imikhovu, isilwane can cause nightmares into your life. Sometimes you will have a feeling that something is grabbing your neck while you are asleep (ukucindezeleka), in return many people will then pray while they still dreaming. Having a ghost or any of these bad energies in your house you will feel that someone is watching you, touching you, lifting you, pulling you, holding you dow or pressing you down while you are asleep. In return to these feeling you will then scream and cry.
How can i stop cry crying on my dream? How do i stop bad dreams? You need a way of stopping a bad energy into your dreams.
  • How far is your house from grave yard? Grave yards are full of bad energies, if your house is few foots from grave yard, you might expect bad energies into your house.
  • Ghosts can be chased away by using a salt, sprinkle a rough salt on all corners of your house.
  • Always take a bath before sleep, sweating does attract bad energies.
  • Keep your house clean,a dirty house, a dirty bed, a house that is smelling bad, an untidy place will attract bad spirits and demons.
  • From time to time call a sangoma or inyanga or umthandazi or a healer or a priest or a pastor or a church to cleanse you and your house.

Tears of joy

Dreaming of crying can be good, depending on the context of the dream. Study your dreams and see if you were crying because of sadness or because of happiness.

Running away from danger

When you are dreaming of running away from danger, maybe someone is chasing you with a knife, a gun, a stick or you are running away from animal, could be a mad cow, dog, snake or wild animal. That just means there is danger that is following you or it could just means you have managed to escape from the danger in your life.

Stressful life

When you are crying on your dream it could mean that your life is going through a stressful situation, How is your work environment treating you? How is the Stress at work? How is your love life? How are you doing financial? There might be something that is bothering you, Your body will then use the crying method to rant out, to get the anger out of you at night.

Bible, Quran, Hindu

A religious way of interpreting the crying dream for christians, hindu, muslims..etc Dreaming of crying while praying means that you have spiritual powers to solve all your problems. When you praying while crying your problems on your dreams will go away, you need to apply the same pattern in your real life. A dream about crying in bible terms means distress and suffering, you need to pray to GOD just like DAVID the king did. The questions is, how close are you to God at the moment? Psalm 34:17 speaks about crying and get help from GOD.

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