Buying egg incubators in South Africa can be challenging as some small cities dont have stores that sells incubators. You can purchase chicken incubators online. Chicken incubators are not cheap in South Africa. If you need many incubators , a better option is to import them from China. On avarage in South Africa an incubator that takes 48 eggs is R3000 (Year 2019), The following are well known South African stores that sells incubators:
  • , You will find new and used incubators at cheaper price. This is an online shop with many sellers, selling online.

  • , You will find new incubators here .

  • , This is not a South African website but we all shop from right? Not all of us, but many people in SA are shopping on, They offer cheap prices, but you must expect a delay of about a month to 3 months.

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