What is of a rooster?

A rooster is a male chicken, he is the one that makes noise at the crack of dawn. There are louder that hens. A rooster can service many hens depending on a rooster breed, they can service up to 20 hens per day. As the rooster gets older this number will drop. Normal farmers will keep a ratio of 1 rooster per 10 hens (1 rooster: 10 hens). Do not keep roosters close to each other they will fight.

Why do we need roosters? The role of a rooster:
  1. Is to mate with hens to produce fertile eggs. Without a rooster the hens will still be able to lay eggs but those eggs will not hatch.
  2. In a backyard chicken farming a rooster show hens where the feed is
  3. In a backyard chicken farming a rooster act as security he watch for predators while hens are feeding, he warns hens when there is a danger, he fights off predators


As the rooster gets older its meats becomes harder to cook as a result some farmer will castrate the rooster. A castrated rooster grows bigger than a normal rooster. Castrated roosters are called capons, Capons behave like hens

  1. they are nice to each other
  2. they do not fight
  3. their meat is soft and tender.

What is a hen?

A hen is a female chicken. A hen lays and hatch eggs. She protects and find feeds for chicks in backyard farming.

Keeping Rooster with hens

  1. In a commercial layer farm that doesn"t produce fertile eggs a rooster is not needed
  2. A rooster is need if a farm produces fertile eggs
  3. In a backyard farming system a rooster is always needed
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