Do broilers or chicken meat lay eggs?

Broilers are chickens that are raised for meat. Most meat chickens can produce eggs but not as good as layers. Meat chickens are not for laying eggs as they eat too much feed to mainatain their big bodies. Broilers are not meant to live longer they catch diseases easily but the time they reach laying stage most of them would have already diead. Buying broilers for eggs is not a good idea. The cornish rock X is not a good layer, but it can be farmed upto the laying stage, it will lay eggs once it reach a laying stage, my trick is to feed it like a layer chicken and keep it as a backyard chicken.

List of broilers

Here is a short list of broilers or chicken meats:
  • Cornish Cross or Cornish X or Cornish Rocks
  • Jersey Giant
  • Bresse
  • Freedom Rangers
See dual purpose breeds below.

Dual purpose breeds for eggs

There are breeds that you can keep for eggs and meat. These chickens are good for both eggs and meat, we have covered those chickens above, a short list of dual purpose chickens includes :
  • Rhode Island Reds
  • Australorps
  • Freedom Rangers

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