How much investment do you need?

Looking at Farm A and Farm B, you can see that costs of running farm differs.
What farming costs differs?
  1. The size of the farms
  2. The cost of living around the world
  3. The farm processes
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How to start a chicken farm business

Investing in a chicken farming business

How is the profit on a chicken farming business?

A profit is when a business revenue excedes the costs of running a business. For big businesses a profit can be seen from plus or minus 3 years from the day the business started operating. Small scalle farmers can make a profit even from the first month of the business operation.

Examples below
Farmer B

Farmer B is a small scale chicken farmer from a South African Township, he owns a truck that is paid up, he wakes up in the morning to buy Broilers from Farmer A, he then takes those broilers and sell them in township bus ranks. Due to a population in townships, all his chickens are sold in plus or minus 2days. He makes a quick cash.

Farmer C

A farmer C has dreams of supplying big South African reatailers, like spar, picknpay, shoprite with free range chickens. Due to a larger number of chickens imported into south africa he saw an opportunity. He then bought a land worth $7000, the he build his farm for at $13 000, His farming equipments at $1200, to save more costs he bought solar system woth $7000 and he bought his chicken feed in tons strait from the supplier at $34000 and he started with 5000 chickens, those chickens will be ready to be sold in 4 weeks.

Comparing Farmer B and Farmer C

Farmer C will be running a business for 4 weeks without any profit, Farmer C is a type of a farmer that might take a month, a year, a couple of years to see a profit.

Do people make money in chicken farming?

Short answer is yes, people do make money in chicken farming. You can be a millionare out of chicken farming and you can go broke again from chicken farming. Making money in chicken farming depends on many factors:
  1. Competition, the more competition the less money you will make
  2. Cost of input, the expensive are the cost of running a business the less money you will make
  3. etc

How much does a farm make a day?
Small chicken farms can make anything from 0$ to a $9999, Big commercial chicken farming can make anything from $999 to $ million.

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