How to start a chicken farming in South Africa 2019

How to setup a small scale successfully chicken farming?. Below are the tips on how to be a successfully chicken farmer.
  1. First step is to create a business plan. You need to have a road map, a plan on how to market your business. You need to study and analyses chicken products market and develop a market plan. You need to come up with a competitive strategy. You need to know if it"s feasible to run your small scale chicken farming business. You need to do a budget, risk analysis and identify suppliers in your area.
  2. Start small and grow with your business. You will make mistakes and learn from them. .
  3. Minimize farming chicken farming costs by all means . You will spend most of the money buying chicken feeds, chicken feed is expensive especial in South Africa. To minimize costs on chicken feed, you need to stop buying from the middle man buy strait from suppliers, buy chicken feeds in bulk and learn how to buy raw feed and mix it on your farm. .
  4. For small scale chicken farms a broiler farm is more profitable than layers farm. Some sellers in South Africa they would buy broilers that are almost ready for market, then they will sell them at township taxi ranks. .
  5. Ineffective disease management. Keep farm clean, a dirty farm will attract diseases, your chickens will die, and you will lose profit. Your farm must be cleaned all the time, feed must be sealed and kept fresh, water must be clean, and air on the farm must be clean as well. .
  6. Chickens do not need stress, if layers get stressed they stop laying, when broilers get stressed they do not grow at optimum rate.

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