Poultry challenges, issues, problems and solutions

The following are the problems that chicken farmers are facing in South Africa and other parts of the world.
  • Capital
  • Dying and loosing chickens
  • Lack of knowlege


is the major causes of chicken farming failure, most small scale farmers fail before even starting. In south africa is very hard to start chicken farming we are facing the following challenges:
  • Buying a land is very expensive
  • chicken farming equipment is expensive
  • The costs of building chicken shelters
In South Africa, normal the loans and grants are given to farmers that have already started farming. Solution:

Dying and loosing chickens

Loosing chickens You can also loose your stock because of theft and predators. Chickens can die for many reasons , some of the reasons include deseases, temperature, air quality , humidity and chicken spacing :
  • Diseases
    Here is how you can avoid chicken diseases
    • You must vaccinate your chickens.
    • Your chicken farm must be disinfected from to to time.
    • You chicken water must be clean.
    • All your chicken farming tools must be kept clean
    • Farm visitors must clean there hands before entering your farm
  • Farm temperature
    The ideal recommended farm temperature for broilers ,layers and chicks in a small scale and commercial farm:
    • The temperature for chickens depends on age
    • Temperature for broilers at week 1 is 30 degrees celsius , at week 4 is 20 degrees celsius
    • On older layers the temperature must be between 20 - 24 degrees celsius
  • Farm air quality
    Your farm air must be clean for your chickens, the smell of your farm will attract diseases. Your farm can contain harmful gasses like carbon dioxide and ammonia. There are tools for measuring the particle pollution. What is the recommended chicken farm air quality?
  • Humidity
    Do you know what is a recommended poultry farm humidity?
  • Chicken spacing
    Overcrowding chickens will create diseases. Do you know the recommended commercial chicken farm spacing?

Lack of knowlege

Not having enough information will kill your business.You need to read farming books. Find way of running your chicken farm efficienlty, learn how to save costs . Learn about other small scale chicken farmers challenges and learn from those challenges.

Tips for starting a chicken farming business

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