What do you need to start a chicken farm?

Here are my suggestions on the things you need to start a profitable small scale chicken farm:
  • Decide on what type of a chicken farm do you want to start
  • Decide on the how to raise your chickens
  • You need a land, chicken houses and farm tools.
  • You need water, electricity, vaccines, supplements, anti-biotics, Disinfectants and feeds.

Decide on what type of a chicken farm do you want to start?

Choose between broiler farming or layer farming or both. This depends on your needs if you want to raise chickens for meat you will choose broilers, if you want to raise chickens for eggs you will choose layers, you can also get both on one chicken breed, there are breeds that are both layers and broilers.


If your chicken farm is for layers, check which breeds are good for you? You need to choose good layers, layers that will lay a larger number of eggs with less feed. Do your research on the layer breed that is good for your farm type, some layers might be good for caged chickens but not for backyard farming. You will have to check the egg size and colors, some breeds lay smaller eggs than other breeds. Egg colors can be white, pink, black, green, dark brown and blue. There are many layer breeds on the market to choose from, here are few layers to look at: Hyline , black australorp, white leghorns, Rhode Island Red, Ameraucana , Amberlink etc.


These are kinds of chickens that grows quickly they will be ready for consumption form 4 to 8 weeks, the best broiler for a commercial farm is a Cornish chicken. A Cornish is usually white, it"s a very big chicken and its tastes better than most of the broilers. For backyard chickens there are my options to choose from like Jersey Giant, Bresse, Freedom Rangers etc

Dual purpose chickens

These are chickens that are good for both meat and laying eggs. Example of dual purpose chickens are New Hampshire, Orpington.. etc

Decide on the how to raise your chickens?

This is where you decide the setup of your poultry farm. Your options are caged chickens, pastured chickens, organic chickens, free range chickens, backyard chickens etc.

You need a land, chicken houses and farm tools.

Before you start your chicken farming business you must check your municipality laws if you are allowed to run a chicken farm on your land.


For free range and organic chicken farming you need to have enough land for chickens to play.

Chicken shelter or coop or chicken house

Chickens need a shelter. Layers, broilers and chciks need to be separated. You can build a chicken coop or buy one. You can also check the chicken shelter plans online. You can also get chicken shelters ideas online. Some tutorials and youtube vedios will take you step by step on how to create one. A normal commercial chicken farm will have curtains and ventilators to bring in fresh air and takeout the farming smell. Your chicken house must protect your chickens from:
  1. Animals like snake, foxes are predactors they should not have an access to your farm
  2. People do steal chickens, your farm must be able to protect your chickens from getting stolen
The chicken shelter setup must bring the best results from your broilers and layers. You chicken houses must provide your chickens with :
  1. good temperature
  2. humidity
  3. sound level
  4. clean air
Your chicken house will protect your chickens from small animals that carries diseases:
  1. rats
  2. snakes
  3. ants
  4. flyes
Your chicken house must protect your chickens from bad weather conditions:
  1. Too much sun exposure will make your chickens seek, during hot days chickens need a shelter
  2. Chickens dont like rain, even though they dont get wet, the feathers do protect them from being wet. You chicken farm must protect your chickens from the rain
  3. ants
  4. flyies
Chicken house requirements
The function of a chicken house is to:
  1. Protect chickens and eggs from predactors and thieves
  2. Isolate chickens from animals that can bring diseases, animals like rats, snakes, ants..etc
  3. To give chickens a good breeding conditions, e.g. Temperature, humidity, sound level
  4. To protect chickens from hash weather conditions
What to expect in a chicken house?:
  1. Ventilations
  2. Curtains
  3. Lights
  4. Temperature monitor
  5. Heaters
  6. Floor bedding

Chicken tools

Here are some of the equipments and tools that you might need for your chicken farm
  1. Incubators
  2. Chicken pluckers
  3. Waterers and feeders
  4. Cagges
  5. Lights and heaters
  6. Fans
  7. Beddings
  8. Feeds, water, vaccine, medications
  9. egg washers
  10. Brooders
  11. Killer cones
  12. Poultry Pluckers
  13. for more tools you will need to buy my chicken farming book
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