Drinke ye stone

Kuthiwa le drink yenza inkomo iqine ibe tight, Inanazi emanzi ibe mnandi, uma uphuza stone before uye kwibabazi uzofika inkomo ibe tight, ingaxegi. Faka isinemfu is not a good idea ngoba kuna side effects, istone sona si right sizoyenza ibe mnandi futhi iqine.

Ginger beer benefits, the benefits of a stone drink does not really comes from a drink but it comes from the main ingredients which is ginger, ginger improves the body energy, further more african ladies in south african thinks ginger can make woman small.

Stoney and halls combo is taking over the love life. Woman are trying everything to spice up dating. Stone drink and black halls is used by ladies to make girl small, but it is only a stone ginger drink that does the magic. The black halls is used for kissing induku. So you dont know mix these two ingredients. How to use stone for making intombazane ibe ncane? You need to drink stone ginger drink ngaphambi kokubona indoda.

Stoney and black halls side effects

Side effects of Stoney and black Halls can be caused by too much sugar, when both are taken at the right amount, they will not be any side effects, 1 or 2 glasses of ginger stone and black halls sweets taken in moderation will not cause any harm.

Stoney and black halls

Stoney and black halls will give a man a good time that is what ladies believe when they drink stone and take black halls few hours before visiting a boyfriend, some ladies are doing the cinnamon and milk trick.

Cinnamon and milk

Cinnamon and milk umxovo is believe to set intombazane on fire. Woman in southern africa are using cinnamon and milk to tighten up the girl, some claims that this mixture works like a bomb in spicing up relation. Infertility woman can try the mixture of Cinnamon and milk to boost fertility. Cinnamon together with honey is know to give a proper ovulation, thus increases the chances of being pregnant.

Can Garlic be used for tightening the girl?

Some woman have tried garlic in tightening the woman, but does not, do not put anything down there, garlic ,ginger, cinnamon all should go through the mouth. it is all healthy food that we should eat almost everyday.

Funda ngemithi

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