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Written by Mnelisi Mthuli 1 August 2020 19h00

baboon's urine

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Baboons urine as a form of medicine to cure diseases has not be evaluated by doctors do not try this at home. You need to consult your doctor before any attempt to use Baboons urine.

Tribal communities of Zimbabwe and in Southern african are using baboon's urine for fix love and pregnancy problems. It is believed that baboon's urine can make both male and female fertile. It is also believed that the urine can make both partners active at night. Umchamo wemfene is a big business in south african, with tribal woman as they are looking for ways of keeping the loved ones and getting married. Some believes that you need to have a nice THING to keep a man. Umsebenzi womchamo wemfene nangu lapha siwubhalile ngezansi.

According to the southern african tribes , the uses of baboon's urine (umchamo wemfene) are as follows: Umchamo wemfene can also be used by man to boost performance. Where can you buy umchamo wemfene? You will find umchamo wemfene from your nearest Sangoma, It is sold in South Africa as well , the first place to check is Johannesburg muthi market and Durban muthi market. African phamarcies as well they do sell umchamo wemfene.

The uses and dosage of muthi normal varies per sangoma's, some sangoma's can make it stronger, as we know we western medicine , the more dosage the higher chances of side effects.

Umchamo wemfene for abortion

Umchamo wemfene is not a herb that can be used for abortion. As our zulu tradition doesnt allow aborting a baby.Should you want to abort a baby please talk to your doctor. Misunderstandings Baboon's urine that is used in south africa, is not a really baboon's urine, it is a mixture of herbs, the mixture is called umchamo wemfene in isizulu which can be strait translated to Baboon's urine.

How to use baboon's urine medicine to conceive or to give birth with no problems in south africa. On all traditional muthi's a seller with explain to you how to use his muthi.

Method: Before practising any information on this page you must contact your nearest doctor.

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