Collection Piggery Semen for artifical insemination

Can pigs be artificially inseminated?

Yes piggs can artificially inseminated, Ai is good because it saves a costs. Below we look at how to collect a semen from a boar.

Collecting a semen from a boar

You dont need a sow to collect semen from a boar. Boar's have a habit of mounting any object that look like it can be mounted. To collect the semen a dummy sow is used, your boar will mount the dummy sow and release the semen. The semen will then be stored for Artifical insemination. To collect the semen you need tools, the following tools are used

  • Dummy object for a boar to mount
  • Semen cooling unit
  • Equipment for counting sperm
  • Microscope for analyising semen
  • Semen extender
  • Container for collection semen & storing semen

Advantages of Artificial insemination (AI)