Why do we farm pigs

Before we understand and how to farming pigs let us first look at how w benefit from pigs, below are few of the by-products of a pig:
  • Pork
    Pork is the most consumed meat in the world. Most people are worried on how safety is pork. Pork is safety when cooked properly at a recommended temperature. Besides visible fats,

    Some pigs produce better pork than others

    Below are few pigs that produces better pork than other pigs:
    • Large Black Pig
    • Duroc Pig
    • Chester White
    • Tamworth
    • Spotted Pig
  • Bacon
    This is a type of pork that doesnt have fats. There is still a demand for more bacon in the world.There are pigs that produces better bacon than others. Know the right breed for bacon is a must if you want to get into a bacon business. Some of the pigs that are good for bacon:
    • American Yorkshire
    • Landrace Pig
    • Large Black Pig
    • Berkshire
  • Medicine and drugs
  • Pig skin is used to make a leather
  • Sausages, Polony , Ribs
  • There are many other products comming from pigs