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My book is Mnelisi's Guid to raising chickens. its available both in English and Isizulu. My chicken farming book covers the following content.

  • Introduction
    • Understanding Farming Terms
    • Commercial Poultry Production

      We look at the commercial poultry production and see exatly what is a Commercial Poultry Production?
    • Deep litter system

      What is a deep litter system? what do we need it? what are the advantages and disadvantages of the deeplitter system.
    • Battery Cage

      What is battrey cagged system, what do we need it? what are the advantages and disadvantages of the battrey cagged system.
    • Free range chickens

      We look at free range chickens. Why are the advantages of the free range system.
    • Organic egg production

      We look at the organic egg production system.
    • Pastured Chickens

      Finally we look at Pastured chickens, what exatly are pastured chickens?
  • Tool for your farm
    This chapter lists all the both tools and equipment that you need to start your chicken farming. Tools will differ per farm. Tool for chicken farm includes
    • Egg candler for looking inside the egg
    • Red buld - chicken farm must have a red bulb so that chickens can see feed and be able to sleep well at the same time
    • Laying nest - this is a next for layers
    • kill cone - this is for slaughtering chickens
    • more equipments and tools on the book
  • Chicken diseases - We covered the most common chicken diseases and symptoms :
    • Fowl Pox
    • Pecking and Cannibalism
    • Botulism
    • Infectious Coryza
    • Rickets
    • Marek's disease
    • Egg bound
    • Worms
    • and more chickens diseases on the book
  • Feeding chickens - The following chicken feed types are covered on the book: Below are the feed types for poultry from chicks to old chickens.
    • Pre- Starter Feed
    • Starter Feed or Start crumbles
    • Grit 20
    • Oyster shells 20
    • Grower feed
    • Worms Feed
    • Layer Feed
    • Broiler feed
    • Finisher feed
    • Scratch Grains
    • All-purpose Food
    • Grass
    • Supplements
    • Food that is not good for chickens
  • Water
    Chicken water, we cover on why water is important to your chickens. What happens if your chickens are not getting enough clean water. We cover methonds of testing and cleaning chicken water.
  • Layers section
    • Fertile eggs
    • Chickens eating eggs
    • A cock egg
    • Good layers
    • Egg Box
  • Broilers
  • Dual-purpose chickens
  • Molting
  • Forced Molting
  • Cross Breed
  • Chicken shelter
    • Floor
    • House planning
  • Chicks 101
  • Incubator
  • Brooder
  • Chicken farming as a business
    • Business Talk
    • Business purpose
    • Selling
    • Laws and rules

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