Tool required for processing a chicken

  • Sharp knife
  • Killer cone
  • Hot water - water should be around
  • Chicken plunker
The following method applies to all types of poultry. Also on chickens it applies to
  • Broilers
  • Layers
  • Dual purpose chickens
The following are steps for slaughtering a chicken:
  • You need to isolate the chicken that you want to process. Chicken isolation can be done well at night, as birds cant see at night.
  • The chicken must not be feed in a night before slaughter or Let me say 24 hours before slaughter. Feeding chickens before slaughter can create a mess. In the 24 hour period the chickens must be given water.
  • Chicken must be calm before slaughtering
  • Put the chickens on the killer cone, if you dont have a killer cone, you need to hang your chickens hang it upside down use a string to tie the feet. Put a bucket underneath to collect chicken blood.
  • Using a sharp knife, cut the carotid artery, not the windpipe, Do this quickly, dont allow chicken to feel the pain. DO NOT remove the head, removing the head will change the meat taste.
  • Give the chicken a bleeding time of more than 1 minute, you dont want meat with blood, right?
  • Now you need to scald your chicken. Scalding is when you dunking a chicken up and down in a hot water to remove feathers. The optimum water temperature varies per chicken type and age. Avoid water that is too hot, hot water will cook the chicken skin. You have few options on your meat, either you want a yellow skin chicken or white skin or soft skin or hard skin. This will be achieved by adjusting the temperature and the amount of time you deep you chicken. To achieve a yellow skin you need to deep your chicken on 60 to 66 C water for a minute and above, this is called Hard-scald. After you scalding you must remove feathers as soon as posible.
Next article we will look at CHILLING and packaging the chicken.

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