If your business is already running.

What is a loan?

A business loan is money that you borrow from a bank to run your business. You will payback the loan plus intrest in the future. MOST banks in South Africa will only give you a loan if you are already running your business.

What is a grant?

A business grant is like a loan but you dont pay it back. To qualify for a grant you need to prove that you can succeasfully run your business. Most companies will fail within few years so the companies that are offering grants and loans must make sure that the funds are landing on the rights hands.

Iyini imali mboleko?

Yimali lena obolekwa yona ukuze usungule noma uqhube ibhizinisi lakho, uyadingeka ukuyikhokha lemali isihambisana nenzuzo ngaphezulu.

Ngabe iyini yona i-grant?

I business grant iwuxhaso, icishe ifane nayo iloan umahluko ukuthi igrant yona awuyikhokhi, ngaphambi kokuthi unikwe igrant kuyaye kubhekwe ukuthi ukuthi ibusiness lakho liyathembisa yini ngempela ukuba yimpumelelo.

How to apply for a business loan or a grant?

To apply for a smale scale farming business loan or a grant, you need to have documents to prove the following :
  • Your business is registered
  • You have an updated business plan
  • Be a South African citizen
  • Be able to afford loan re-payment

List of companies that are offering loans for small businesses in south africa

  • Ithala SOC Limited
    303 Dr Pixley KaSeme (West) Street
    15th Floor
    Delta Towers
    South Africa
    Ph: 031 366 2500
    Fx: 031 907 5685
    Email and Updated Contact Details here

  • Land and Agricultural Development Bank of South Africa
    Eco Glades 2,
    Block D,
    420 Witch Hazel Avenue,
    Eco Park,
    Switch Board: 012 686 0500
    Toll Free: 0800 00 52 59 ?

  • Department of Trade and Industry
    77 Meintjies Street

  • Small Enterprise Finance Agency
    Eco Fusion 5, 1004 Teak Close,
    Witch Hazel Avenue Highveld

  • NEF (National Empowerment Fund)
    West Block,
    187 Rivonia Road,
    Morningside 2057
    PO Box 31,
    Melrose Arch,
    Melrose North
    Tel: +27 (11) 305 8000
    Fax: +27 (11) 305 8001
    Call Centre: 0861 843 633 / 0861 (THE NEF)

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