Your incubator will come with instructions. You will need to set your incubator 12-24 hours before putting the eggs, you want to put the eggs when the temperature and the humidity is stable and is at the level you wanted. A Suddenly change on the temperature and humidity might kill your eggs. Your temperature must be between 99 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit, a mistake on your temperature will kill your eggs.

it will take 3 weeks for your eggs to be hatched. It is not normal for all eggs to be hatched, there are many factors that will come to play like the health of your layers, the breed type etc. Carefully check the quality of your eggs before putting them into the incubator. Donít put any eggs with issues or eggs that looks abnormal into the incubator. When putting an egg into an incubator, put it on a lying position, the same position that you will find on the chickens nest.

Your humidity must be between 40 and 50 percent for the first 18 days, after 18 days increase it to 65 and 75, this stage is now called hatching. A wrong humidity will kill your chicks, when the humidity is too dry chicks will die as soon as they come out of the egg.

Don't touch eggs at the hatching stage, you might need a battery in a case of a power failure. This a critical stage, no power interrupt must happen at this stage. Some incubators will came with a battery.

Your incubator must have a ventilator for taking in oxygen and let out the carbon dioxide, you need to keep monitoring your humidity and the temperature level of your incubator.

It would be nice to find an incubator that is easy to operate. Almost all incubators will need water, some old incubators will need you to open the incubator to add water - don't buy those. The more you open your incubator the less are the chances of your eggs getting hatched.

If you are familiar with chickens you will have noticed that the chicken does not always leave the nest. Don't buy a manually incubator, get an automatic. A manually is cheaper but you will have to manually turn your eggs every day maybe 3 times. You need to place your incubator where the temperature is stable, no exposure to the sun, place your incubator away from the window.

Some incubators don't have hatcher, you need to check that with your supplier before buying one. Some incubators will have an alarm that alerts you when there is less water. Before buying an incubator try and compare the prices and the functionalities.

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