How much does it cost to start and run a succesffuly small scale poultry farm

Cost of chicken farming

Costs varies per chicken farm. It can cost anywhere from a thousand to a million to setup a chicken farm. It all depends on how big is the farm. Costs varies from city to city, country to country. In some African countries like Uganda, chicken shelters can be built from mud, whereas in South Africa most small scale farmers prefer to build chicken houses from steel roof sheet. The cost of building or starting a chicken farm varies per farm.

How much does it cost to start a poultry farm

How to calculate the chicken farming costs? This is for a Start-up expense calculations. The cost of starting a chicken farm is made up of startup and recurring costs. The costs of start up will include:
  1. Buying a land
  2. Costs of building chicken farm houses
  3. Buying chicken farming equipments
  4. Buying chickens, feed, medication
  5. Labour in setting up the farm

Cost varies per farm

Chicken farms comes in different shapes and sizes. The costs of starting the farm will vary as well. Let us look at farming scenarios below. These are examples right?

Sample of Chicken farming startup expences

Farmer A Farmer B
He has a land already He is is going to buy a land for $5000
He is planning to commercial feed He is planning to Formulates his own feed
He Farms broilers He Farms layers
He pays $300 / 1000kg of feed for broilers He pays $350 / 1000kg of feed for layers
He doesnt hatch eggs He has incubators for $300
He buys 1 day old chicks from hatchery He hatches eggs from his farm
He uses deep litter system He use cagges
He has a fence already Fence $350
He only relies on municipality electricity He is plaing to buy a solar panel worth $3500

Sample of Chicken farming recurring expences

These are the Ongoing monthly farming expenses for both Farmer A and Farmer B

Farmer A Farmer B
Salaries $4000 Salaries $4600
His municipality charges $2 per litter of water His municipality charges $3.40 per litter of water
He has $20 of farming levies per month He has $30 of farming levies per month
He has $400 for a security company He doesnot have a security company

How much investment do you need when starting a chicken farming business