Piggery Artificial insemination (AI)

Artificial insemination is not a hard work as you might think. The first step is to get the right tools and the semen. You will only do the AI when the sow/gilt is on heat. Heat is also called Estrus. When a sow is on heat it means its ready for a male.

What are the signs of piggery heat or Estrus? Below are the signs:
  • The vulva of a sow become swollen
  • Watery discharge from vulva
  • The sow will position its tail such away that its exposes the vulva
  • The sow became active, it will be up and down on the farming trying to escape the farm, climbing other pigs
  • There are many other signs as well.
  • Ears get erected
  • When you put a hand on the backside of the sow, if it doesnt move away it means its on heat.
  • Sow will show a standing reflex
  • You must check your sows at least twice a day for signs of a heat. A heat does not last longer. A healthy pig will be on heat from two to three days. What if you do an Artificial insemination (AI) on a sow that is not on heat? The answer is easy: Your sow wont get pregnant.

    What are the advantages/Benefits of an Artificial insemination (AI) Or Why would you use the AI?
    • Saving costs - Keeping a boar on the farm is expensive as you will feed it every day and it takes a space on your farm, buying a semen is very cheap.
    • The quality of sperm can be tested before being insertected into the sow, which means less diseases....etc.
    • Larger boars will injure small sows, this addresses that issue.

    Collection Piggery Semen for artifical insemination